Upcoming DC Show Announced!

Brent & Co_3-16-2013 Sollys Show Poster
We’ll be bringing in St. Patrick’s day in style this year – we’ve commandeered Solly’s Tavern as our headquarters and with our comrades The North Country we’ll be showing the good people of our fair city how it is done. Tickets just $10 at the door.

Be sure to RSVP on facebook!


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Off And Running!

2013 is proceeding apace quite nicely. Hard to believe its already February but the show must keep on rollin’! We’re all over the place this month with acoustic, duo and full band performances. Slide on over to the dates page for a little more information on where we’ll be and when we’ll be there.

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Year In Review

Though it went by in a flash, 2012 was a record year for Brent & Co. In our first full year we hit the scene. Hard. Here’s a look back at the year in numbers, can’t wait to see you on the road in 2013!

2 continents
99 different venues
217 performance
935 CD’s sold
19,763 Miles driven


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Dream Team, Back Together

Its Saturday night. That means two wild and crazy guys on the prowl!
Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse (Solo Show) 6:30 – 8:30
Ireland’s Four Courts (Power Duo) 9:00 – 1:30 – It’s gonna look something like this:
Quail Man and Metal Head (Photo by Rebecca Saunders)

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200 Performances – So Far So Good

Just wanted to fire off a quick note to express our profound thanks to everyone who has come out and listened over the past 12 months – this past Saturday we logged out 200th performance for the year! The month is still young and our quiver is still quite full so we’ll keep seeing you out and about. Safe travels until then!

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Big & Bad

We had the pleasure of Karl Hunter (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy) sitting in with us for two hours last Tuesday – he tore it up, plain and simple.
Photo: Rock Fish Photography 

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Its Begs The Question

Sometimes Life can hand you lemons – and you think yourself,  “what the hell is the big idea Life?” This is a song we wrote just about that very thing. If you like it you can buy it on iTunes or Amazon

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This Week In Music

We’re hitting the scene hard this week – some duo & solo shows so if you’re in the mood chances are we are in your area:

10/17/12 Washington, DC Renaissance DuPont Circle
Time: 5:00pm. Address: 1143 New Hampshire Avenue NW.
10/18/12 Arlington, VA RLife Live @ Renaissance Capital View
Time: 5:30pm. Address: 2800 South Potomac Ave.
10/18/12 Arlington, VA World Of Beer
Time: 5:30pm. Address: 901 North Glebe Road.
10/19/12 Arlington, VA Ireland’s Four Courts
Time: 9:00pm. Address: 2051 Wilson Boulevard.
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It’s Like They Say

We had a great time at our CD release show, thought we would start sharing with you some video clips from performance. Plenty more full band stuff to come, thanks for coming out, we’ll see you all again very soon.


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Little Known Fact

For those who are fans of history there is a little know fact that, according to wikipedia, the power chord (the basis of most rock music) was developed in Fredericksburg, VA.

Some may dispute this but one thing that is beyond dispute is that the Brent & Co solo acoustic machine is going to be rolling into Fredericksburg, VA in a big way today. Triple header time! See the details below, happy Friday to all!

Brent & Co.   

Date City Venue
09/28/12 Fredericksburg, VA Steamers
Time: 4:30pm. Address: 430 Chatham Heights Road.
09/28/12 Fredericksburg, VA Home Team Grill
Time: 7:00pm. Address: 1109 Jefferson Davis Hwy.
09/28/12 Fredericksburg, VA Cheeseburger In Paradise
Time: 9:30pm. Address: 1811 Carl D Silver Parkway.
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